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Tayebat Gum Arabic Acacia Prebiotic Vital Jar Powder 500g

RM 140.00

Tayebat, from both Acacia seyel and Acacia senegal trees, is the ideal food for good bacteria. It helps improve the digestive system, urinary tract, helps reduce colon diarrheal diseases  and improves the body immune system. Ii is the richest sources of natural Calcium (minimum of 1000mg of Calcium to every 100g) that are readily absorbed by the body. Its  rich in minerals and basic potassium, magnesium, dietary fibre and iron.

Tayebat is the best functional natural food for both healthy and ailing humans, as they contain more than 85% of Prebiotics which are essential for the growth of Probiotics that strengthen our immune system, enhance digestion, increase absorption of minerals and trace elements, maintain our body’s physiological functions and help to protect against diseases.